building sustainability tech?

    we get you from 0 to 1, to 100.


    Atlas is accelerating the future of tomorrow’s tech champions.

    Atlas Ventures Program is a 12 weeks, 100% remote program that helps you get Seed Money & connections in APAC.

    Startup applications closed on May 31st (sorry!)

    Connect with global investors with purpose

    Don't waste time with the wrong investors.

    The members of Atlas are cream of the crop's exited founders, billionaires, corporate CxOs, angels and VCs, all sensible to the urgency to support entrepreneurs fixing humanity's biggest issue: the way our industry and economy currently treat our planet. They are all in to support you.

    Value from day 1.

    Guaranteed tangible value.

    We believe accelerators should not wait for a demo day to help out. From day one of your acceptation in the cohort, you get to connect on Zoom with investors, receive suggestions from mentors. On top of that, we write about you, we get you on stage, we interview you and help you craft your story to stand out in the landscape of startup fundraising.

    Leverage our network across 20+ cities

    Remote participation, global reach.

    Atlas Society is founded by a group of successful tech entrepreneurs and corporate managers looking to do good. With members in more than 20 chapters, you can connect with the relevant clients or partners you will need to get from 0 to 1 and raise the money you need to make impact.

    Unlimited tech hiring. The ultimate perks.

    Access the largest database of tech talents with free job posts

    There is one important thing to deal with when building a tech company: access to tech talent. Leveraging on a network of 5m digital talents in Asia that Atlas founder helped build over the years, Atlas Accelerator support your hiring needs to scale globally.


    Join our 4 months, 100% remote accelerator program and get access to our investors, PR, and Fortunes 500 network.


    2021 Cohort is now closed (May 31st) deadline. If you are a sustainability tech company, you can still apply to join Atlas Society or join the next batch!


    Our mission is to help you save our planet by deploying concrete and profitable sustainable technology solutions.

    Why sustainability tech is the new tech.

    With Djoann Fal, Co-founder of Atlas Capital

    What are politicians doing to support sustainability tech?

    With Loren Newman, the Government Affairs Lead at the Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum.

    Meet some sustainability tech entrepreneurs part of Atlas

    With Trash Lucky's CEO Nattapak Atichartakarn


    Interact with an exclusive & highly selective group of switched-on sustainability tech people.

    Discover, chat and collaborate with investors, founders, influencers & corporate working on amazing Impact Tech projects.

    Share positive, interesting sustainable tech news about your company on our private network.


  • talk to our cleantech advisor

    Advising governments & Fortune 500 on climate solutions providers with 400 sustainability experts in 18 countries. Angel investor of 3 impact tech companies.

    talk to our category design advisor

    Co-author of NYC Best Seller "Play Bigger", Former APAC CMO of HP. Here to get your company story out there.

    talk to our climate tech advisor

    Leader of GoodTech Lab Report of 600 climate tech solutions worldwide in partnership with Hello Tomorrow.

    talk to our edtech advisor

    Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. Study Expert Chair of Education.

    talk with our new material advisor

    Investment associate at Pangaea Ventures, the leading VC specialized in new materials and deep tech.

    talk to our iot advisor

    With 20 years of experience in the IOT field managing 300 IOT engineers for a public company in APAC.

    talk to our growth hacking advisor

    With 10 years experience advising Fortunes 500 companies on growth hacking across USA, France, Korea and Singapore

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