• Pala Studio is a venture builder supporting Atlas's portfolio to scale, expand new markets💸and accelerate the positive impact of climate tech in SEA🌏.

  • We build the Asian front of climate 

    disruptive and carbon-zero ventures🌱

    making climate-resilient cities, a reality.

    Pala is focused on bringing to SEA, US/EU based climate tech companies with hardware technologies in carbon capture, building retrofitting, renewable energy and green employability.

  • CSOs, CTOs, COOs: Pala provides different support services to its portfolio 🌏 

  • Venture Building Support Offered


    South East Asia Sales & Operations

    Leveraging on Atlas network of corporates and industrial players in the region; Pala can build teams of sales representatives and customer service for Atlas portfolio companies to get their first commercial opportunities in South East Asia.

    Software Infrastructure and Cybersecurity

    Leveraging on partner's software agencies; Pala can provide affordable software engineering and cybersecurity services for Atlas portfolio companies to reduce costs of their technology infrastructure and do more, with less.

  • Future needs an insurance policy.

    Invest with Atlas Capital.

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