The Adaptive Economy - Printed Book + 1:1 Advisory Call

The Adaptive Economy - Printed Book + 1:1 Advisory Call

AI & Technology disruption, climate change and other political challenges towards 2030. Lot of variables individuals & companies need to consider to do business next 10 years. In this book, I aim to provide a simple compass of opportunities & booming industries for everyone & their business to have a chance to survive, adapt and thrive in the new Adaptive Economy.

Beyond just a book, this book is the access of the new community I'm designing with the brightest of my network. Gathering on Signal, this society is aiming to support my network with CXOs, investors & influencers.
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Product Contain:

-The Adaptive Economy, a compass for you and your family to survive and thrive in the AI & climate change era
-High quality printed book with 120 visuals & charts
-Signature of the author
-Membership to the Adaptivists community (ATLAS society)

The ATLAS Society membership entitle for:

-Yearly access to quarterly dinner invitation to the Adaptivists Think Thank through the ATLAS dinners

-Access to the ATLAS Whatsapp group including all the past attendees and premium members (CXOs, corporate managers, investors, politicians)

-Members are allowed to a free invitation for +1 guest at every ATLAS dinners, every months

-Members are allowed to recommend new members to the ATLAS Society

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