• The first VC climate tech VC 

      connecting West's innovations with SEA.

    • We back tech entrepreneurs

      who are reimagining and innovating

      the next Resilient & Regenerative Megacities.

      Delhi, Bangkok, Lagos... By 2050, 2/3 humans and 73% of global carbon emissions will come from emerging market's megacities. We are building businesses that are reinventing how our cities are fed, constructed and powered, for good. We are hunting for Gigacorns – the technology champions of the coming decades with the potential to benefit billions of people, making our cities more resilient to environmental changes, create billions in commercial value and lower gigatons of carbon emissions.

    • Our goal is to reduce 1% of global carbon emissions through entrepreneurship.

      Led and backed by serious Fortunes 500 and technology players, our team combines institutional strength and entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we’re building a new approach to entrepreneurship in a time where our cities will need to adapt to environmental changes. Through our capital deployment, we aim to create an economy that accelerate climate adaptation while driving returns for our cities, citizens and investors. We call this the Adaptive Economy.

    • We are financing a sustainable, climate resilient

      & regenerative future of work.

      We are the last generation that can save our only habitable planet. We believe everyone can act now to build a sustainable tomorrow.
      We are in the year 2022. The omicron year, during “the masked decade”. After 2 years of exceptional disruptions of capitalism, adaptation to the pandemic followed by massive governments subventions to save the global markets to collapse: the time is now at the resilient re-opening of our...
      Hello, friends of the Atlas, This months the Atlas team announced the private launch of our Atlas Nano Fund One to help build the next green tech cities in emerging markets! We wanted to share with you our keynote video, investment thesis and investment mechanics in this blog announcement. ...
      4 Sustainability Tech Heroes identified in 2021 by Atlas Society We are a movement that is awarding doers taking actions against climate and designing what a sustainable tomorrow can look like and how we can get there quickly. Since our inception in March 2021, we got the chance to come across...
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