Your money is shaping the world we live in. More than ever with Atlas.

    Here are the companies we believe in for our Alpha batch.

    Markets: Asia, Europe

    Hydroponics, IOT, Agriculture

    Enabling the world largest automated vertical farming facilities, with container farms and IOT.

    Markets: US, Europe

    Insects, IOT, farming

    60% of proteins we produce are use to feed animals we eat for… proteins. They are challenging this.

    Markets: Thailand, SEA

    Recycling, IOT, Logistics

    An exited Ecommerce CEO went surfing, turned into building the 4.0 recycling infrastructure for his country.

    Markets: SEA, Europe

    Education, AI, Reskilling

    Unemployment is the fastest growing market in the world, they bet AI, education & reskilling can solve that.

    Markets: Africa, SEA

    biosphere, blockchain, wildlife

    Our past 50 years of activity have crushed 70% of the wildlife. Well, now you can use your bitcoins to stop this madness.
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