• Climate change is a market failure.  

    🌏 Climate adaptation is its solution.

    Together let's materialize this new economy.

  • We are going from 4 seasons to 2.

    This is too late to stop climate change, this is time for 🌏 climate adaptation.

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    Led and backed by serious regional & global Fortunes 500 and technology players, our team combines institutional strength and entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we’re building a new approach to entrepreneurship at a time when our cities will need to adapt to environmental changes. Through our capital deployment, we aim to create an economy that accelerates climate adaptation while driving returns for our cities, citizens, and investors. We call this the Adaptive Economy.



    We’ve been investing in the best GreenTech & Climate tech companies since 2020

  • We connect regional conglomerates with

    category-defining North American and European climate tech companies 🌏 to decarbonize South East Asia's built environment.

    Atlas Capital is SEA's first venture capital fund that is 100% dedicated to investing in climate tech startups – rapidly scalable businesses that blend financial returns with real and measurable CO2 reduction – by connecting the best of both worlds. We work across the following 3 pillars:

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    Cities Decarbonization

    Accelerating Asian city's decarbonization by investing in technologies reducing greenhouse gas emissions to stay below warming 2°C in 2030.

    Focus: Carbon Capture, CDR, Ocean NBS, Building Retrofitting.

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    Clean Energy Tech

    Improving the sources of the power we consume every day and how we get around in a carbon-negative paradigm.

    Focus: Renewable Energy storage, Clean energy production & optimization

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    Climate Adaptation

    Companies push the boundaries of how we live sustainably, and survive climate change, reinventing our homes, our energy production, consumption, and resilient food & water supply cycles.

    Focus: Zero Carbon, Cleantech, Agritech

  • Watch our conversations with founders and key players

  • We back tech entrepreneurs

    who are bankable and inventing 🌱

    the next Zero-carbon cities.

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    Delhi, Bangkok, Lagos... By 2050, 2/3 of humans and 73% of global carbon emissions will come from emerging market megacities. We are building businesses that are reinventing how our cities are fed, constructed, and powered, for good. We are hunting for Decacorns (Tesla for example) – the technology champions of the coming decades with the potential to benefit billions of people, make our cities more resilient to environmental changes, create billions in commercial value, and lower gigatons of carbon emissions.

  • 🌊 Join the tsunami. Get control of your climate destiny, and be part of the next Clean Tech Unicorns.


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    Imagine a group of 1000 climate tech enthusiasts supporting entrepreneurs building tech that can save our climate's future.

    Welcome to The Climate Tech Coalition for South East Asia Pacific.

  • Future needs an insurance policy.

    Invest with Atlas Capital.