Building a climate adaptation economy for South East Asia.

    Looking for the next Tesla of food, buildings, agriculture, energy... Our investments are mainly co-invested with big names, in deeptech and hardware tech, with an appetite to expand in South East Asia with our help.

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    Enabling energy storage to become circular by automation of EV battery refurbishing.

    San Francisco, USA

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    Ultrafast charge and extended life batteries for home energy storage and EVs

    San Diego, USA

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    Developing energy abundant micro nuclear power plants through thorium fission and fusion

    Seattle, USA

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    Making Low Carbon building retrofitting a reality through green walls and roofs.

    Chicago, USA

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    AI-powered genome analysis to accelerate the adaption of crops to climate change. 

    Boston, USA

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    Carbonfarm™ partners with the ocean to rebalance the carbon cycle and help Asian conglomerates to decarbonize.

    Phuket, Thailand

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    Urban waste platform and collection logistics powered by IOT focused on consumer products recycling

    San Francisco, USA

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    Enabling fashion upcycling by providing online and offline spaces for sustainable brands.

    New York, USA

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    The Climate Tech Coalition™ is a consulting company mastering the elaboration of decarbonization strategy for companies committed to building a greener future


    South East Asia Pacific.
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    Pala, our Atlas venture builder focuses on prototyping climate tech solutions and supporting expansions of climate tech solutions from the US/EU into SEA.

    Bangkok, Thailand


    Our General Partners have been investing since 2018 into several startups with an average return of 7.4X over 4 years.

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    Technology Talents Hiring AI Marketplace for South East Asia.

    Hong Kong, China.

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    Enabling talents to become digitally employable during the 4th industrial revolution.

    Singapore, SG.

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    E-sport advertising agency and Esport talents platform.

    Singapore, SG.

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    Global NFT engine enabler for the game industry.

    Bangkok, Thailand.

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    Enabling tech companies to raise money remotely & powering US talents to find remote startup jobs.

    San Francisco, USA

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    Helping remote corporate employees with their health routine, keeping their sanity and rapport with nature.


    Paris, France
  • You too can build The Adaptive Economy.🌱


    Become a Atlas Society shareholder

    1 share costs 1 dollar and you can buy as many as you want.

    Within 5 minutes only. Buy your shares directly on our website with your credit card or with your cryptos currencies.

    You will then be able to vote on sustainability tech projects we receive and decide which ones gets funded.


    Your money finances massive-impact innovations.

    A minimum of 90% of your money finances innovations having a global and massive impact against greenhouse gas emissions.

    A maximum of 10% is used for operating expenses (legal fees, salaries, web developments...)


    It benefits... you and the planet!

    Profits generated by Atlas Society are fully reinvested in spreading new innovations.

    Every year, you will receive the profits we receive and an accounting of the quantity of greenhouse gases avoided or captured thanks to your investment. We call this the Climate Dividends.

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    Imagine a group of 1000 climate tech enthusiasts supporting entrepreneurs building tech that can save our climate's future. Welcome to SEA Climate Collective.