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    Our remote-first team is made up of passionate, diverse, climate-concerned entrepreneurs, finance operators, and community builders. We have both tech, sustainability, and consulting experience, coming from major technology companies like Alibaba, leading sustainability institutions such as United Nations and World Bank as well as top corporate consulting backgrounds such as Ernst & Young, and Bain.

    General Partner

    Chief Financial Officer

    Advisor, Venture Partner

    Advisor, Venture Partner

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    Senior Venture Associate

    Natthakorn S.

    Venture Associate

  • You can make a difference.🌱


    Become a Atlas Society shareholder

    1 share costs 1 dollar and you can buy as many as you want.

    Within 5 minutes only. Buy your shares directly on our website with your credit card or with your cryptos currencies.

    You will then be able to vote on sustainability tech projects we receive and decide which ones gets funded.


    Your money finances massive-impact innovations.

    A minimum of 90% of your money finances innovations having a global and massive impact against greenhouse gas emissions.

    A maximum of 10% is used for operating expenses (legal fees, salaries, web developments...)


    It benefits... you and the planet!

    Profits generated by Atlas Society are fully reinvested in spreading new innovations.

    Every year, you will receive the profits we receive and an accounting of the quantity of greenhouse gases avoided or captured thanks to your investment. We call this the Climate Dividends.

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