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    you too can be part of the adaptive economy.

    Sustainability and employability will be the 2 biggest challenges of the century.

    We are building a movement that helps people to take advantage of the 4th industrial revolution.

    The Adaptive Economy mission has been featured in world-class media:

    Next 10 years, how will you stay ahead of the curve?

    How will your company survive environmental changes such as COVID-19, climate change, technology disruption, and political reshuffling happening in the next few years? What is your cheat sheet, your compass, to adapt to this immediate future? This is what The Adaptive Economy is trying to answer providing a simple, accessible overview of what are the trends, insights, and opportunities for the next 10-20 years ahead, for you to stay ahead of the curve while taking advantage of these upcoming events to thrive!


    Stay ahead of the curve. Learn insights of what the future looks like inspired from direct interviews with 900+ Technology Entrepreneurs & Fortunes 500 Corporate Leaders. Know what is ahead, get better decisions ROI on your investments, your career choices, and your own time.

  • about the author

    Beyond a book, through impact angel investing we are creating a movement to build a Future of Work worth living into.

    Djoann Fal, one of the impact angel investors in Atlas Capital.

    From broke intern to multi million dollar tech business: A Self Made Man.

    Coming from a modest background in the south of France, Djoann started to code at age 14 and at age 22 he went to Asia, met local co-founders, and started his company from scratch. Now, his technology platform is a multi-million dollar business with operations across 6 countries, a team of over 100+ employees, and Fortune 500 clients. Recognized by Forbes 30 under 30, Tatler, Fast Company & covered in New York Times, Djoann is the youngest black technology founder in SEA that got funded by Alibaba. Now releasing his first book called “The Adaptive Economy”, aiming to inspire more people to become investors in the new field of "impact tech" via Atlas, a community and society of impact angel investors willing to put their money to work in the Environmental Societal and Government issues market (Climate Tech, GreenTech, DeepTech), a sector that has doubled in value the past 3 years and reached $250b in 2020 (CNBC).


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