Season greetings and unveiling our Atlas Capital focus for 2022. Be part of the tsunami!

We are in the year 2022. The omicron year, during “the masked decade”. After 2 years of exceptional disruptions of capitalism, adaptation to the pandemic followed by massive governments subventions to save the global markets to collapse: the time is now at the resilient re-opening of our economies. After The Great Reset of 2020, it is now time for The Great Regeneration. All the markets indicators are confident that things will get better, the stock markets are the highest enabling companies worldwide to build this new resilient future.

In this new world, damaged, remote, digitalized, and low touch, a new transformation cycle has begun, with us rediscovering being outside, traveling, meeting each other’s in this “New Normal”.

And with this, we can feel the energy and enthusiasm that we experienced at the beginning of the latest tech bubble in the 2010s, but different this time… What is at stake is much more important than simply building wealth with a website: there is an entire world to re-invent that is not only Covid resilient but also sustainable and not only in the Silicon Valley, everywhere really.

A world that is resilient to humanity’s next biggest threat, not only a pandemic, but several possible pandemics coupled with unprecedented extreme climate events a result of our carbon-induced human activity.

I believe that every generation has only one job: Our grandparents fought the Nazi regime, our parents rebuilt, then avoided a nuclear disaster during the Cold War… Our generation is now getting out of 2021 with one mission: to save our children from the lame heritage of an inhabitable planet.

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In 2021, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock said, “The next 1000 unicorns will emerge in climate tech.”

And guess what, this is the next big thing: we will need all the brains, all the wealth, all the youth, all the entrepreneurs, and all the workers we can mobilize to get this right. This is an entire economy we need to build to ensure the ways we produce, eat, travel, work, life will be carbon negative, adaptive, and regenerative for what remains of a biosphere severely damaged during 200 years of human expansion —From 1 billion to 7 billion—thanks to the petrol.

The report of the IPCC is clear: with the water crisis, food system collapse, heat waves, sea rising, hurricanes, wildfires, insects invasions, and climate-induced diseases: the largest wealth destruction in history will occur in the next 78 years if we do nothing, and the largest wealth creation will occur for those who are acting to build adaptative systems for our civilization to become resilient to the drastic environmental changes we are going to see towards the end of the century.

That is what is truly at stake with the 4th industrial revolution, or what I like to call the The Regenerative Revolution: we need a scientific, political, and artistic revolution materializing the response to the question: “how does a sustainable civilization look like and how do we get there by the end of the century?”.

Of course, we will need multidisciplinary skills, crossing paths between new frontiers technologies like green energy, distributed and safe nuclear power, carbon zero new buildings materials, blockchain, remote work, low carbon agriculture, etc— and from this will emerge trillion dollars markets that enable humanity to adapt and thrive forward to become a multi-planetary species.

To share this opportunity of wealth creation, acting with tech, science, and entrepreneurship to avoid the worst IPCC scenarios; and to give everyone chances to build this new adaptive world, we created Atlas Capital.

Focusing funding on vital innovations for our planet: From Urbantech, Cleantech, Agritech to Edtech, on the essentials of each key topic to this Regenerative Revolution, in 2022 we will start deploying our investment strategy aiming to build a sustainable future for our planet, economies, and cities.

We are financing ecosystems of companies aligning economical interests with societal and planetary stakes, all focusing on building an adaptive, resilient, carbon-negative economy capable of delivering a habitable planet for our kids.

I’m now reassured to enter 2022, strong of Atlas Capital ambition to bring its piece to this incredible puzzle — contributing to delivering a habitable planet for our kids—, and I’m looking forward to sharing that feeling and wealth creation opportunity with everyone who will join us in this Atlas journey.

Happy new year everybody, and God bless you!

Best Regards

Djoann & The Atlas Team

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