• Pala Studio is a venture builder ⚡ supporting Atlas's portfolio to scale, expand new markets💸and accelerate the positive impact of climate tech in SEA🌏.

  • We build the Asian front of climate 

    disruptive and carbon-zero ventures🌱

    making climate-resilient cities, a reality.

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    Pala is focused on bringing to SEA, US/EU based climate tech companies with hardware technologies in carbon capture, building retrofitting, renewable energy and green employability.

  • Current Venture Building Projects


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    There is a desert ready to be used with an unlimited supply of water & nutrients. Carbonfarm™ partners with the ocean to rebalance the carbon cycle and help Asian conglomerates to decarbonize.

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    What if a coalition of tech leaders, investors, scientists, corporates, and entrepreneurs were committed to building a greener future for South East Asia Pacific?

  • Future needs an insurance policy.

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