Announcing Atlas Society

In a century of environmental changes, technology disruptions, climate disasters and political instabilities, only actions will be rewarded...

To you, the people between 30–40, to you who have seen the life without the internet & after the internet: unfortunately only you have the necessary global knowledge access to lead the world out of collapse in the next 20 years. It is not gonna be our parents, it is not gonna be our grandparents, it is not gonna be your little brother or sister. 

Only you can.

While our best people are lost and wandering…

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While our best people are on Netflix, vdeogames, chasing unicorns or crypto... We are in the middle of a massive planetary extinction. Photo: Amazon forest, 2020.

In the news, the state of our planet is doom and gloom: another species is always disappearing, an exceptionally violent storm is ravaging another unprepared city, and some of the weirdest weather ever breaks another record. Scientists and policymakers are getting depressed, and our collective consciousness is turning to tales of apocalypse, not narratives of recovery. Welcome to the Anthropocene, the period during which human activity has become the dominant influence on the Earth’s climate and the environment, and the result is horrifying. In the meantime, our best minds are spending their days looking at the evolution of stock trading or politicizing religions or immigrations while most of us spend 5h+ per day looking at Social Media, Netflix, Youtube, or video games: We are just looking away! And this makes us feel awful, depressed, lost. And that’s normal because deep down, we know we should do something.

This is the one job of our generation.

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The one job of our generation: ensuring our planet remain green.

We need a movement of influencers, businessmen, hackers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other social activists that seek to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilization look like, and how can we get there?”

We need a vision that encompasses an economic, cultural, and political possible new reality for us to build in every city that will represent our world capitals by 2050.

I’m not talking only about the usual suspects like New York or Shanghai. I’m talking about Mumbai, Kinshasa, Karachi, Sao Paulo, Manilla, etc.

I’m not only talking about the usual suspects like Harvard, Cambridge Oxford, or Tsinghua graduates. I’m talking about the normal people, the middle classes, the ones actually living the climate change, living the insecurities, living the corruption every day.

We need these people to step up and turn leaders in these local areas & create human movements that will build companies’ services & support groups that will build an equitable & climate resilience society.

We need these to unite with the world leaders, politicians, investors, and corporate managers to create a new wave of impact-driven entrepreneurship.

And our vision of entrepreneurship is different from the one you think.

This is why we are founding Atlas society today.

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A community to design and build a sustainable civilization and get there by 2050.

Atlas Society believes in identifying, supporting, and connecting impact-driven Millenials to take concrete actions through entrepreneurship. To us being entrepreneurs is being an activist challenging the status quo, it’s being a young artist denouncing abuses, it is being a corporate executive driving positive changes and it is being a young supporter of a political entity across any cities in the world.

Today, our civilization’s entrepreneurs are anyone that proposes concrete positive actions challenging the status quo of planetary, economic, political, and moral collapse. Anyone enabling humans to live in harmony with our planet once again and is using advanced technologies to help solve the world’s century most urgent environmental societal, and governance problems.


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The movement is on the march.


At once a vision of the future, a thoughtful provocation, and an achievable lifestyle. Every project in our movement gathers a dream, a truth, an end. A new understanding that shapes what humanity means, a reason for humans to live together, and the tools for our society to achieve it. We recognize the need for clarity in the shared fate of humanity, including leaders of all emerging markets.


The aesthetics of our movement merges the practical with the beautiful, the well-designed with the fiscally responsible, the idealists with the economists. A hybrid between the bright and colorful and earthy and solid. That a lasting movement is one that is sustainable in both the ethical and financial sense: it is a social movement on the march.


As our world roils with calamity, we need solutions, not warnings. Solutions to live comfortably without depending on centralized energy, centralized consumption, and centralized thought-leading. We believe technology and morals can build an accountable economy that equitably manages scarcity and share outcomes, to be kinder to each other, to the biosphere, to the planet we share, and beyond: saving humanity from itself.


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You are Atlas. If you are not yet, then wake up: you should be!

  • Our armor, a global Impact Angel Syndicate — We are building a network of impact-driven angel investors and mentors, not seeking short term profits but seeking sustainable solutions for our planet and our society. To bring humanity to survive the 21st century, people, the planet, and profits will matter and we will need your help to identify the best mentors and family offices to get there. To be part of the investor syndicate or refer someone, click here.
  • Our shield, an engaged Millenials Community — We are building a network of impact-driven chapters, not power freaks or megalomaniacs, simply mentors willing to empower the next generation by giving back during simple dinners or Q&A gathering. Leveraging on the existing networks such as Global Shapers or Forbes, we are establishing an Impact Tech layer with chapter directors applications for each major city in the world. Applications are opened here.
  • Our sword, an inclusive political representation — We are building a social movement that gives Millenials a political voice and the space needed to take the actions that our grandparents and parents did not take. We are at the beginning of a planetary massive extinction and the internet natives in their 30–40s are the only ones that have the maturity to lead us. There is no time to waste on quarrels, we need to unite and act, now.

In a century of climate disasters and political instabilities, only actions will be rewarded...