Introducing first 4 Atlas entitled heroes

Here are 4 Sustainability Tech Heroes identified in 2021 by Atlas Society and how you can participate by nominating somebody.

4 Sustainability Tech Heroes identified in 2021 by Atlas Society

We are a movement that is awarding doers taking actions against climate and designing what a sustainable tomorrow can look like and how we can get there quickly. Since our inception in March 2021, we got the chance to come across some incredible doers and we wanted to share their stories with you in this post. Watch their stories in the videos to lerarn

What is the Atlas Society Title:

The "Atlas Society Title" is being given to extraordinary individuals we have identified. It is a title that is earned and give doers access to visibility and global networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Corporate Managers, Investors or even activits supporting that mission are all eligible to receive the Atlas Society Title. Similarly to an award, the title is announced on The Atlas, a global map of all members entitled with The Atlas Society and is public. Indivuduals that have been entitled can decicide to update the Altas with their contact informations, to get access to networking features or keep them confidential.

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What is the Atlas Society Title give access to?

  • Invitation as speaker to share to our Youtube Channel and our media partners the story of the Atlas Society member & her/his achievements
  • A spot in the Atlas, our society's adress book and mapping of the doers recognized worldwide, bringing opportunities for collaborations and networking in the ESG sector at a global scale.
  • An access to our monthly Atlas Society Meetup on Atlas's Virtual Island, where entrepreneurs meet investors, influencers meet corporate managers, and medias meet interesting stories to showcase.
  • An access to our global Atlas Society slack group where corporate partnerships happen, investments opportunities are shared and doers in the sustainability tech sector help each others from BKK to SF.

Nominating somebody?

Have somebody in mind to be nominated to receive the Atlas Society Title? Feel free to simply fill this form